Tap Wrench with Ratchet

  • T Handle Tap Wrench with Ratchet

    Features :
    – Material : Alloy Steel
    – Size: #1, #2, #10, #20
    –  All-steel design with chromium-plated finish for the highest durability
    –  Beautifully precise ratcheting action for high quality work
    –  Adjustable T-Handle can be “slipped” from side to side for positioning convenience and added leverage in tight places
    – Easily switched from left to right handed operation, or locked for non-ratcheting use
    – Parallel-clamping tool steel jaws and knurled chuck provide a secure, firm grip on hex or square drives
    – Designed for using with taps and can also use on the left hand tap, reamers, screw extractors and other tools with a square shank