• 1/2” Shank Silver & Deming Drill Bits

    – 1/2”Reduced shank
    – 3 Flats on shank or Straight shank
    – 118° or 135° Split Point
    – Material : HSS, HSS M2,M35(Cobalt 5%)
    – Process: Milled Ground
    – Point cut: type N
    – Cutting Direction: right-hand cut
    – Ideal for portable drilling and drill presses, where the maximum chuck capacity is 1/2″ .
    – Used extensively in machine shops, maintenance departments, garages and body shops .
    – Strong web construction provides greater strength and rigidity to drill in hard-to-drill materials like stainless steel and titanium alloys
  • 5PCS Wood Working Drill Bit Set (M4051)

    5PCS Wood Brad Point Drill Set
    Size : 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 10mm
    Package : PVC Pouch
  • DIN333A HSS Centre Drill Bits

    Technical data
    – Standard: DIN 333A
    – Centre Angle : 60°
    – Point angle: 120°
    – Material : HSS, HSS M2,M35
    – Process: fully ground
    – Surface: black , white , Titanium coated
    – Point cut: type N
    – Cutting Direction: right-hand cut
    – Tolerance: h9
    – For Making centre holes according to DIN332 sharp A
    – center drills have flutes and cutting points on both ends. this allows the user with the ability to reverse the drill and utilize both ends.
    – Available for all Kinds of Materials: Metal, Alloy, Copper, Iron, Wood, Aluminum, and so on.
  • DIN8376 HSS Subland Two Step Twist Drill Bit

    – Standard: DIN8376/DIN8374
    – Material: HSS HSS Cobalt
    – Point Angel: 118degree
    – Shank : hex shank , straight
    – A Subland Drill is basically two drills of different diameters combined into one tool, retaining the individual characteristics and proper geometry for each diameter
    – Useful for applications like cabinet making, fastening, woodworking, and other home and professional applications
  • Hex Shank Arbor for Bi-Metal Hole Saw

    Technical data
    -Small  Arbor: 3/8″ Hex Shank and  1/2″-20 UNF Thread  for Dia. 14mm to 30mm Hole Saw
    -Large Arbor: 7/16″ Hex Shank and  5/8″-18 UNF Thread for Dia. 32mm to 210mm Hole Saw
    1. Made from hardened alloy steel for greater durability;
    2. Fits all drill chucks  3/8 in. and larger;
    3. Hex shank allows higher torque applications and less slippage from your drill;
    4. Supplied with a HSS pilot bit for wood and metal use;
  • HSS Saw Drill Bit

    – Material : HSS
    – Point Angle: 118°
    – Shank: 1/4” hex shank , Straight shank
    – Size : 3-12mm, 1/8”-1/2”
    – Made of HSS high speed steel material with titanium coated, drill bits has a sharp body edge, completing your task faster with less effort
    – Sharp ground side of teeth create clean & quick cut and blast through wood or soft metals without any wood chips
    – Designed to make grooves on your project, suitable for wood, aluminium, plastic, and thin metal sheet
  • HSS Single Flute End Mill

    – Material : HSS , HSS Cobalt
    – Process : Milled,CNC
    – Flute: Single , Double
    – Having an excellent self-centering capability, can processing H7 workpiece efficiently
    Applications : 
    – Suitable for milling lateral face, end face, flute and step face. Also for two vertical planes and form plane
    – To passing core end edgeend mill, also used for drilling and insertion milling
  • HSS Step Drill Bit

    – Material : HSS , HSS Cobalt
    – Flute : Striaght , Sprial
    – Surface : White finish ,Titanium Coated, Black Oxide
    – Shank : Quick change hex shank , Three Flat shank , Round Shank
    – Step drill bits are perfect for drilling and enlarging multiple-holes in thin sections of sheet metals, pipes, plexiglass, plastics, wood up to a thickness of 5mm
    – A variety of hole diameters can be drilled using only one tool
  • Magnetic Bit Holder

    Features :
    – Material : Chrome Vanadium Steel for extra durability and strength
    – Hardness : 54-56 HRC
    – 1/4″ hex shaped design shank allows you to quickly change between sizes and ensures a grip onto the chuck
    – Great for working with hard to reach screws.
    – Must-have accessory set for power drills and impact drivers
    – Unlimited uses in automotive, hardware, hobby, home, etc
    – Strong magnet holds bits securely, and the magnet is located inside the chrome tube
  • Magnetic Nut Setter

    Features :
    – Material : Chrome Vanadium Steel for extra durability and strength
    – Hardness : 54-56 HRC
    – 1/4″ hex shaped design shank allows you to quickly change between sizes and ensures a grip onto the chuck
    – Powerful magnet to avoid holding onto hard to reach bolts with the strong magnetic feature that holds bolts 
  • Screw Extractor

    Features : 
    – Material : HSS , Carbon Steel
    – Flute:  Single End Left Hand Spiral Flute
    – Screw extractor works on damaged screws and broken bolts
    – Quickly and easily removes most damaged screws
    – Spiral flutes are designed to embed themselves deeper into the metal
    – Professional multipurpose extractors are compatible with 1 4” hex shank
  • Screwdriver Bit

    Features :
    – Material: CRV 6150, S2
    – Hardness : 54-56HRC, 58-60HRC
    – Screw Head Type: Philips   ( Slotted/ Torx/ Pozi /  Hex /  Square / Tri-wing / Troq-set /Spanner / Spline etc are available )
    – Bit Length: 25/50/75/100 mm
    – Shank : 1/4” 6.35 hex
    – Surface : Sandblasted
    – Universal fit for all standard bit holders & power tools
    –  Chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel or industrial grade S2 tool steel is tempered to extra hard for increased durability