Wood Working Drill Bits

  • Wood Drill Bit Sets

  • Wood Forstner Drill Bits

    Features :
    – Center point for accurate entry
    – High carbon steel
    – Peripheral cutting edges for precise and splinter free drilling
    – Machine ground to round shape
    – According to DIN7483
    Applications : 
    – Veneered boards , Beams, softwoods ,hardwood and plywood
  • Wood Formwork Drill Bits

    Features : 
    – Formwork drill bits made from high-quality CV steel or HSS
    – For formwork drilling in one operation
    – No jamming thanks to the reduced shaft
    – Excellent concentricity
    – Thread Shank with extension bar
    Applicaitons : 
    – For wood, drywall, light building boards
  • Wood Bellhanger Drill Bits

    Features : 
    – Hole in head of bit for easy pulling of wire
    – Steel construction provides increasd durability
    – Full length hear treatment provides longer bit life
    – Drill Point : 82° or 118°
    – Shank: Brace or Straight shank
    – Material : high carbon steel , HSS
    – Process: Milled Ground
    Applications : 
    – All kinds of wood
  • Wood Quad Auger Drill Bit

    Features :
    – Carbon Steel With Heat Treatment
    – Faster to drill:The efficiency is 6 times as much as that of common drills bits
    – Four cutting spurs for faster, cleaner holes, less breakout, and extended drilling life
    – Screw point tip allows bit to self-feed for ease of drilling
    – Quick change shank reduces slipping in standard chucks and is compatible with all 1/4″ quick-change chucks, including impact drills
    Applications : 
    – Higher performance on hard wood drilling
  • Wood Auger Drill Bits

    Features : 
    – Lewis shape
    – Extra deep round-off slots
    – Threaded center point
    – Hardened main and entering cutting edges
    – Hexagonal /SDS shank
    – Bright with black slot
    Applications :
    – Softwood, hardwood, balks, beams and plywood


  • Wood Brad Point Drill Bits

    Features :
    – High carbon steel
    – HSS M2 Top Quality
    – Center Point
    – 2 shoulder cutting edges
    – Right hand cut
    Applications :
    – For drilling holes in all types of wood, guled woods as well as MDF and acrylic glass
  • Wood Flat Drill Bits

    Features : 
    – Hex shank or 1/4” quick change DIN3126 – E 6.3
    – long center point with chip ejection
    – oblique main cutting edges for progressive cut
    – conical side cutting edges prevent blocking and ensure a precise drilling
    – Deep holes can be drilled with the extension
    Applications : 
    – Beams, laminated chipboard, veneers, softwood, hardwood, plywood